A Community Celebrates

Today marked the Annual Recovery 55 celebration for the members of the Saint Mary’s Center. The event began with a skit in which members of the community walked into the center with chains and a note that read either alcohol, depression, heroin, crack, or prison. The participants lined, up side by side, and then intentionally tore the paper in which these words were written; symbolically breaking free of their bondage.

Though I personally have not been a member of this community for very long, the high level of community and support that the members of Saint Mary’s Center possess was evident throughout the celebration. As the event progressed, the social workers of the members being celebrated called up their respective clients and handed them a token reading “Today I will do just one thing to help my recovery progress.” Furthermore, the members then spoke about their personal journey and how the Saint Mary’s Center community has served as an instrumental resource on their road to recovery.

The Recovery 55 celebration is specifically an event to commend community members aged 55 and over who fight against substance and emotional abuse. This celebration encompassed the support and care that Saint Mary’s Center has for its community members; and how those members have grown together as they each fight to break their own chains.

-Zayra Rivera

Zayra Rivera is currently a first generation student at Saint Mary’s College of California, class of 2017. Though the Mulvaney Immersion Communities for Action and Humility (MICAH) Summer fellowship, she is now interning at the Saint Mary’s Center Resources for the Third Age. Having been born and raised on the East Side of San Jose, she has always had a strong passion for Social Justice and hopes to find a career that engages in Social Action in the future.

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