Battling Depression with Community

St. Mary's Center is pioneering a new approach to supporting seniors with depression through a new partnership with the Archstone Foundation, LifeLong Medical Care, and the University of Washington.

The partnership aims to support seniors with medical care through LifeLong Medical Care and community through St. Mary's Center. Seniors are welcomed into the St. Mary's Center community by participating in events and meeting with a Senior Advocate.

One participant came to St. Mary's Center at the recommendation of his doctor. After arriving, he soon discovered a friend he had lost touch with decades prior was a St. Mary's Center participant. Since rekindling this friendship, he has reported a marked increase in his wellness during check-ins with his Senior Advocate and even performed on the trumpet for the first time in over 20 years at a St. Mary's Center talent share.

Events at the Community Center are the cornerstone of our work in this partnership as they help build community and connections amongst seniors. These connections help to fight isolation and depression.

Senior Advocates meet with seniors and follow up with them weekly in the way the senior prefers: in-person visits or phone calls. Seniors are invited to events and to participate in the St. Mary's Center community and encouraged to attend their medical appointments at LifeLong Medical Care.

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