Discovering St. Mary’s Center

Hi. I’m Dani and I just started volunteering with St. Mary’s Center. I’ve been asked to capture some of my thoughts and experiences and share them with you. So I will do just that.

Seniors come to St. Mary’s Center for shelter, yes. The ultimate goal of St. Mary’s Center staff and clients is to find permanent housing. But, in my brief time at 925 Brockhurst Street, I realize it does not begin, nor end there. What enchants me about St. Mary’s Center, is that people gravitate to this place for a variety of reasons - for stability, for food, for recovery and support, for relief, for health and wellness. To be heard, to connect, to play, to mobilize, to rest. People come for ceremony, for remembrance, for community…for hope, for justice and for healing.

I come to St. Mary’s Center because I am passionate about understanding homelessness and how to address it. I come to St. Mary’s to be informed about housing justice and discover how to truly advocate for change. I come to St. Mary’s to learn from the elders. I come for the community. For hope. For justice.

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Looking forward,

Dani, volunteer

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