Father’s Day at St. Mary’s Center


At St. Mary’s Center, we hold our elders in great esteem and today, we showed that by celebrating Father’s Day. It was a beautiful and moving ceremony.

Pastor Atkin delivered the good news to which there were many resounding “Amens”. Singing moved into dancing until we were all feeling the blessings of our father’s. Obama was recognized as being a terrific dad as well as president through his constant ability to be concerned with his daughter’s wellbeing.  Poetry met movement to bring people to a place where they could feel open to sharing their own stories of their dads. One staff member relayed a story of her father overcoming immense odds to provide for his family and all who shared were proud of the father figures they recognized.

It held moments of real tenderness as we all remembered those men who have been so close to us and offered so much of themselves to us.

This post was written by St. Mary's Center Intern, James Cogley. James is a senior at Holy Names University and is currently on his second semester interning with Resources for the Third Age

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