Food Bank SSI Advocacy Listening Session: Hunger and Poverty

Alameda County’s most vulnerable live on just $889 in monthly SSI benefits. After rent and paying bills, how much is left for food, transportation, health expenses? Next to nothing. These realities must be shared with those who are making decisions that affect our communities and our ability to live fully.

On the morning of November 10, over 50 low-income seniors and people with disabilities from all over the Bay Area, gathered at the Alameda County Community Food Bank to:

  • meet with local legislators,
  • demand an increase to SSI/SSP, and
  • share their stories of struggle, of need, and Hope and Justice during the Listening Session.

Seniors from the St. Mary’s Center community showed up in full force - to speak, to witness, to stand in solidarity and to celebrate the voices, the strength of experience and community.

The Listening Session was filmed and the video will be sent to Sacramento to reach legislators who couldn’t make it to the Bay Area in time for the event.

Looking forward,

Dani, volunteer

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