Friendly Manor


I am delighted to share the news that as of today, the wonderful programs at A Friendly Manor have been officially transferred to St. Mary’s Center. This includes the title to the property at 2298 San Pablo, along with the name A Friendly Manor/A Friendly Place. You may know that during the last year A Friendly Manor Inc. contracted with St. Mary’s Center to provide the management and day to day operations of both the daytime women’s drop-in center and the residential program. Last August St. Mary’s Center hired Sr. Marti McCarthy, S.S.S. (Sister of Social Service) as the director of these programs, as well as the supporting staff already in place and previously employed by Friendly Manor Inc.

Early in the conversations between the two organizations about the transfer of assets, it was clear that our missions are aligned. Please know that it is only with your continued participation and support that we will be able to successfully carry the torch lit by the three Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet who founded this program, and labored with love for the women of Oakland.

-Carol Johnson, Executive Director

P.S. For more information on Friendly Manor, please visit our page.

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