My Time at St. Mary’s Center

This month, St. Mary's Center is home to several interns from St. Mary's College in Moraga. Here, Resources for the Third Age intern, Ericka discusses her time.

My name is Ericka and I am an intern at St. Mary’s Center in Oakland, CA. I’ve been here since the start of January and it’s honestly been one great adventure! I learned so much about what goes on around here and learned so much from the people around here.

St. Mary’s is a place unlike any other, it’s a place for seniors to get the help they need, a place for seniors to just hang out and have fun and it really is just a wonderful place. I was blessed to be able to spend a whole entire month facilitating Bingo, being a part of a peaceful protest, dancing and just getting to help out and getting to know everyone. I also got to hear a lot of great stories from an array of people who continue to tell me these interesting and inspiring stories every day.

The people here, workers and seniors, are some of the strongest and wisest people I have ever met. I’ve learned and gained so much knowledge and I feel so loved and accepted here. This Internship has really changed my life and helped me grow so much.

If there is anyone who is even considering walking in here, a senior or a student to intern, I just have to say don’t be afraid to walk in and ask questions, you can have a fun adventure too!

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