St. Mary’s Center started as a social service organization in the early 1970s as an outgrowth of a community organizing project. When West Oakland neighbors were asked by organizers to name their most pressing concerns, they responded unequivocally, “We need programs for our seniors and young children.”

More than 40 years later, St. Mary’s Center helps our most vulnerable elderly to find and keep a home, improve and stabilize health, and decrease isolation.  And our preschool continues to provide educational enrichment to low-income children.

One of St. Mary’s hallmarks is a “one-stop” shop. All of our programs for seniors are in one location, along the San Pablo corridor at Brockhurst Street.  Our senior programs are divided into Homeless Senior Services and Resources for the Third Age, which helps low-income seniors age in place at home.



  • St. Mary’s Center imagines and invests in creating stronger and healthier people and communities. Each person who walks through our gates is welcomed to a community of care and to seeing possibility for their lives.

    Susan Werner, Art Facilitator and Senior Advocate,