St. Mary’s Center partners with government entities, universities, organizations and community groups to achieve our mission.

Key Partnerships:

UC San Francisco’s School of Medicine studies the effects of homelessness on health in partnership with St. Mary’s Center and the HOPE HOMES Community Advisory Board.

CSU East Bay School of Nursing sends nursing students who do their community nursing rotation at St. Mary’s. Student nurses monitor seniors’ medical treatment and follow up with medical professionals to ensure quality healthcare.

Government Support:

Alameda County Behavioral Health supports recovery and counseling services including, Alcohol and Drug Prevention, and Mental Health.

Area Agency on Aging helps fund Resources for the Third Age’s friendly visiting and injury prevention services to coach seniors on how to age in place.

Alameda County’s Public Health Department supports our medication monitoring program so that seniors are not over medicated, or suffer from bad drug interactions or unwanted side effects.

The City of Oakland through PATH and AOCAP provides some funding for shelter, housing and case management.

California Department of Education supports St. Mary’s Center Preschool.

Collaborations and Memberships:

St. Mary’s Center is a member of the East Bay Housing Organizations (EBHO), which is dedicated to working with local communities to preserve, protect and expand affordable housing opportunities through education, advocacy, and coalition building.

The Women’s Economic Agenda Project (WEAP) diligently works with St. Mary’s Center to organize poor people, low-income workers, and the unemployed into a movement to achieve a vision of a world without poverty and despair.

We are close partners with EBALDC as an active member of the San Pablo Avenue Revitalization Coalition (SPARC), which addresses health and poverty issues between downtown Oakland and the Emeryville border.

We are a member agency and partner on local issues with United Seniors of Oakland and Alameda County.

St. Mary’s Center collaborates with Californians for SSI (#CA4SSI) to unite people who believe in justice to work for a strong safety net for seniors and those with disabilities.

St. Mary’s Center Council of Elders is associated with the National Council of Elders, a newly organized independent group of leaders from many of the defining American social justice movements of the 20th Century.

We are members of the ATD Fourth World Movement working to overcome the injustices of persistent poverty and social exclusion by bringing together people from all walks of life, learning from people who face poverty every day.