Resources for the Third Age

The goal of Resources for the Third Age is to help seniors live independently for as long as possible. A number of our community-based program staff, called Wellness Coordinators, are seniors themselves, living among those they serve, and are frequently of the same ethnic background. They bring the wisdom, experience and knowledge of the conditions our seniors live in, providing services that are age, gender, and ethnically appropriate.

Wellness Coordinators and Case Managers both conduct comprehensive assessments during in-home visits. They observe the senior's ability to perform daily living activities, and note strategies that might be necessary to prevent injuries, like removing rugs to reduce falls, or strengthening muscles to improve balance. They also note barriers to participation in the community. These might include physical or mental illness, fear for physical safety, or an inability to use public transportation, manage finances, or communicate clearly by their ability to read, see, hear and use the telephone.

Seniors can participate in many activities and programs through Resources for the Third Age. They might benefit from life skills classes, fall prevention advice, alcohol and drug prevention education, medication monitoring, group and individual physical activities, and friendly visits by volunteers. Some of our Senior Advocates are fluent in Mandarin, Tagalog, and Spanish and help seniors understand official correspondence, navigate doctor’s visits, and other activities of daily living.

If you are interested in registering for Resources for the Third Age, contact Karla Salazar, Program Director, at or 510-923-9600 x 235.