Senior Advocates for Hope & Justice

“If people can find their voices, they can reclaim their dignity and make a contribution to the larger community” – Carol Johnson, St. Mary's Center Executive Director

Seniors come to a Hope and Justice meeting for the first time and discover that they have a unique story to tell, and that they can affect change.
St. Mary’s Center Seniors for Hope and Justice trains and educates seniors to advocate for policy changes that directly impact their lives. They engage in activities that protect the civil rights and economic benefits for extremely low-income people. Recent activities include:

  • Restoring cuts to Supplemental Security Income (SSI) amounts, which many of our seniors live on
  • Promoting the Right to Rest campaign to stop discrimination against homeless people
  • Educating others about the profound lack of affordable housing in our community
  • Addressing regulations that preclude SSI recipients from receiving food stamps, despite their income eligibility.

If you would like more information about Senior Advocates for Hope and Justice or the issues that are of concern to us, please contact Janny Castillo, Program Coordinator, or go to our What’s Happening page or the pressroom.