Supporting and Empowering Seniors through Money Management

Applying for housing can be a pain. A necessary pain, but a pain none the less.

Having had a previous eviction, bad credit, or outstanding debts can make the possibility of getting housed almost impossible. At St. Mary’s Center our Representative Payee Program is designed to help clients gain back control of their money and money management which helps lead to greater stabilization in their lives.

Dani Amarant and Aurelia Alejandre are working to change the negative stigmas around Representative Payee programs. “Rep Payee programs require a huge amount of trust”, Dani told me when I spoke to her about the program. There is always transparency and collaboration when working with clients. Each client creates a budget with their case manager focusing first on paying rent and bills, then any medication, and finally clothing and food. If there is any money left over after the first priorities are taken care of, the client receives either a weekly or monthly check at our check distributions (pictured above).

Dani also works with Social Security and property managers on behalf of the clients, but always tries to empower the clients to advocate for themselves whenever possible. The rep payee program is built around seeking stabilization, empowerment, and quality of life for St. Mary’s clients.

Claire is the 2016-17 XPLOR intern with our Resources for the Third Age program. During her time with us, she will be writing a regular blog on her experiences with St. Mary's Center including insights into our programming, interviews with clients, and more. To see all of her posts, check out our XPLOR tag

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