Emergency Winter Services

Emergency Winter Services

Achieving Housing Outcomes for 20 Unhoused Seniors

Goal and Outcomes
Provide critical social services to Seniors aged 55+ who are currently homeless on the streets of West Oakland, leading to outcomes of permanent housing for 20.

St. Mary’s Center typically operates an emergency winter shelter from Dec. 1 to Apr. 30, providing a safe space to sleep, hearty meals, showers and community for up to 100 Seniors in varied lengths of stay. Case managers connect Seniors to income supports, health care services, and other needed resources. Participation in our housing clinic leads to creation of a “Housing Passport” and readiness for placement in transitional or permanent housing. On average, 20 Seniors complete these steps each year.

Pilot Project
Through street outreach practices, we will identify, connect, assess and enroll 20 unhoused seniors who wish to move from homelessness into housing. We will deploy resources December 1 through April 30 and evaluate the program for insight into future programming.

Basic Needs

  • Food including prepared meals and groceries
  • Hygiene kits and PPE
  • Blankets and equipment to survive cold weather

Health Care Access

  • Linkages to medical insurance (incl. re-certification)
  • Linkages to street outreach medical services, COVID-19 testing and education, or to primary medical care
  • Follow-up where appropriate on medication safety
  • Support with prescriptions and appointments

Housing Access and Documentation

  • Coordinated Entry Assessments
  • Support in applying for or renewing financial entitlements and benefits
  • Document identification; collection, application/renewal of personal identification and collation to ensure that all paperwork necessary for applying for permanent housing and PSH options is completed.
  • Assessment and access to appropriate transitional housing opportunities
  • Weekly Housing Clinic with applications and access to housing lists, other senior living situations
  • Case management support to complete applications, attend interviews
  • Move-in preparation and resources
  • 6-month follow-up