Senior Homeless Services

Seniors find an advocate, crucial resources, and the way home with St. Mary’s Center Senior Homeless Services. Adults 55 years and older, who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, can meet with an intake worker to determine eligibility and opportunity. Most of St. Mary’s senior participants live on SSI (Supplemental Security Income), $942 per month in total income through a federal program for low-income people who are aged, blind, or disabled.

In Senior Homeless Services, a team of licensed clinical social workers, case managers, housing navigators, and intake specialists help participants set goals and tackle obstacles. Services often include:

  • Housing Access and Documentation
  • Coordinated Entry Assessments
  • Support in applying for or renewing financial entitlements and benefits
  • Document identification; collection, application/renewal of personal identification
  • Assessment and access to appropriate transitional housing opportunities
  • Housing Clinic with applications and access to appropriate housing lists and other senior living situations (residential care, board and care)
  • Case management support to complete applications, attend interviews
  • Move-in preparation and resources
  • Health Care Access: Linkages to medical insurance (including Medi-Cal or Medicare re-certification), to primary medical care; follow-up where appropriate on medication safety; support with prescriptions and appointments
  • Counseling services including support for recovery from substance use disorder, mental health concerns, and co-occurrence as appropriate.

We provide intakes into Alameda County’s Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) and Coordinated Entry System (CES.) Through HMIS and CES, St. Mary’s Center can track services provided by other agencies and support Seniors in accessing urgent needed services.

Money Management (Representative Payee)

St. Mary’s Center money management services for homeless or formerly homeless participants are like online bill pay–a convenient way to make sure essential expenses are covered. Money management services through the federal Social Security Administration Representative Payee program ensure uninterrupted rent payments, light, heat, transportation, and money for groceries.

Call (510) 923-9600 for more information.