Community Outreach & Services


In compliance with Alameda County Health Officer Orders, St. Mary’s Center is operating under strict protocols to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

  • Community Center is closed until it is safe to re-open. Breakfast and lunch are not available but program participants can speak with case managers about food deliveries.

The pandemic hits us hard because everything St. Mary’s Center does is based on bringing people together. Please wear a mask, wash your hands, and observe safe distances and practices. We can’t wait to be together again!

Our St. Mary’s Senior Community Center is the gateway to all that St. Mary’s Center offers.

Seniors come to the Community Center for a meal and a game of dominoes and find through participating in our social, recreational and advocacy activities they steadily improve their physical and mental health. Old friends who have known each other for decades reminisce. Others reduce loneliness by bonding with new friends. Most importantly, our unhoused seniors are welcomed in from the elements with a hot cup of coffee and a smile.

The center is typically open Monday through Friday, 9:00 am until 1:00 pm for breakfast, lunch and an array of community activities including a robust Food Donation program. The center hosts a variety of special events that celebrate history, diversity, culture and community.

We build strong relationships through our Wellness Coordinator Program, which uses senior friendly practices to respond to individual needs and help reduce the effects of chronic poverty. Wellness Coordinators work with seniors in English, Spanish, Cantonese, and Tagalog. They perform comprehensive assessments through in-home visits, considering the seniors’ ability to perform daily living activities. They share strategies to prevent injuries by removing tripping hazards and how to use exercise to improve balance. In partnership with the senior, Wellness Coordinators address barriers to healthy living including medical, food, transportation and financial issues as well as addiction, emotional and mental health challenges.

The WeConnect Program is a direct response to the effect the COVID-19 crisis has had on our medically, emotionally vulnerable seniors. Through access to affordable technology, Internet, personalized lessons and online experiences we help seniors navigate the complexities of technology. The program’s goal is to reduce isolation by safely connecting seniors to family, friends, and their St. Mary’s Center community, creating new channels of communication via Zoom, texting and email.

Our Senior Advocates for Hope and Justice Program informs and infuses all of our work. Seniors engage in social justice activities that enrich their lives with purpose and influence policy at all levels of government. Seniors share their lived experience in campaigns that preserve and build affordable housing, increase income stability, and decriminalize homelessness.

Visit our Facebook page for current activities. Call (510) 923-9600 for more information.