WeConnect helps Seniors stay connected with friends, family, services and community through donated computer equipment, accessories and affordable wifi services, as well as coaching for use.

Social isolation and difficulty accessing online services can impact our health and quality of life. WeConnect brings Seniors together to get online and successfully manage personal business, communicate with family, doctors and service providers. Our weekly video conferences are an opportunity to connect, share stories, ideas, and opportunities in the community.

In partnership with SeniorFusion, a project of the American Medical Women’s Association, and the Computer and Technology Resource Center, the program is a technology adaptation initiative to create training and peer-to-peer support that facilitates communications and online skills while reducing social isolation and building communications channels for prevention activities.

Twenty low-income, socially-isolated seniors (e.g. due to loss of family and friends, lack of social contacts, chronic conditions, declining health, feelings of harassment, living arrangements, mobility challenges, etc.) have been recruited from St. Mary’s senior-support network. Participants need no prior knowledge and do not have expenses during the pilot program.

The program is growing. Evaluation by an independent professional will include ease of technology installation, functionality, and user experience. Proposed outcomes include greater social engagement, enhanced interpersonal relationships, reduced isolation, and improved health and well-being.

For information on receiving a device or lessons, please call 510-923-9600 x1126.